The Sparrow

It’s no wonder the book was written in 1996; The Sparrow takes you back to the old school approach to Science Fiction. Grounded in just enough reality and research to make you believe, building on one simple premise: that a privately run religious organization is more readily equipped to mobilize against potential extraterrestrial beings.


Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name. I’m trying to think of a book that I’ve read to compare it to. I’d call it… a mixture of the longing summer romance that is Sarah Dessen, a teenage fog and angst more advanced than Twilight, topped off with some gay Italians engaged in philosophical debate (because straight love is just so yesterday). It’s beautifully yet simply written. The book is split into 3 parts.


The Bear and the Nightingale

I’ve decided to start documenting my progress against the 100 book reading challenge I set forth on at the beginning of the year… Of which I’ve accomplished 10/100. Trending just a little below expectations, but, I have faith. I’m excited to share The Bear and the Nightingale as the first record on my blog, because, well, it was excellent. I’ll keep these short and sweet, with a blurb of how the book leaves you, and ratings among key dimensions.


How to Take a Trip to Marfa

This past weekend, Katya and I went to Marfa.

What is Marfa, you say? Even Texans don’t know what Marfa is and Marfa’s in Texas. Both my Uber driver and my rental car associate had no idea which was honestly more than a little concerning.

To answer the question, Marfa is this little art town of 1900 people in the middle of nowhere in the desert of Texas.


Experiencing Marfa, Donald Judd, and the Chinati Foundation

Marfa, March 2018. This special episode chronicles Katya Savelieva and Margaret Ding as they take Marfa and explore the world of concrete boxes cut against Texan desert. Thank you Judd for the unforgettable experience and for letting us climb on your boxes.

Today I Said Fuck You to My Mom

I feel like I have to preface this story by saying, It’s terrible, I know. There’s no excuse for it. For those of you who think I should be struck by lightning for doing it, I can’t say I disagree with you. All I can say is, you know what happens, so read at your own risk.


A Dog Gave Me Questions

There was a dog in my lobby today. A golden retriever. Basically the most classic dog you could imagine in your mind’s eye, if someone were to conjure a ‘dog.’

How ‘dog’ is your dog? How ‘fill in the blank’ are you, if you fill in the blank with whatever labels and categories and descriptors seem to apply?


In Honor of the Oscars, A 2008 Classic Film

The Margaret and Amelia Show S1E3: In Honor of the Oscars, A 2008 Classic Film

Join Amelia and I as we flashback to 2008 with a special screening of Murder at the Hyatt, a classic indie film made in the gritty town of Chicago, Illinois. See never-before-seen footage complete with a director’s commentary. We may not have cable to watch the Oscars, but we’ve got something even better! Enjoy.